There is a lot going on in the area of blockchain and business. The Blockchain Coalition was founded in the USA, Nasdaq wants to make the technology marketable, while our SAP Blockchain Initiative has grown to 27 members.

The acceptance of Bitcoin loophole is growing in all areas

The Bitcoin loophole Coalition interest group has formed in Wyoming. The members want to create a broader awareness of the advantages of the Bitcoin loophole. Its founding members include Jim Geringer, former Governor Wyomings, Mayor Marion Orr and CEO Patrick Byrne.

The Wyoming Blockchain Coalition was announced on Tuesday with the goal of expanding the benefits of the technology in the state. The group aims to simplify regulation and develop a more business-friendly environment for blockchain companies.

In particular, the interest group is planning applications for the Blockchain in the registration for GmbHs. This is intended to attract companies. First and foremost, those who deal with the Internet of Things.

Another area is the optimisation of the production and distribution of agricultural products and coal. The technology will also be used in the administration of medical records. Bureaucracy will also be optimised. By using the blockchain, government documents are to be organised and verified more effectively.

“The mission of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition is to educate the citizens of Wyoming about the power of technology, minimize costs, streamline administrative processes, and create completely new businesses, says David Pope, Managing Director of the Blockchain Coalition

“We also see ourselves as lawyers for a legally compliant environment that attracts blockchain companies to do business in Wyoming. Whether it’s using the technology in the state or paving the way for service providers.”

Business, Business, Business: From Wyoming to the news spy

Corporate and tax consultant David Pope should not be inconvenienced by Nasdaq’s current plans. With the catchy title “Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index” the news spy exchange from New York wants to create a blockchain index with the company Reality Shares. This should make it more accessible for private individuals to invest in blockchain solutions and the news spy. The planned index will then list companies that deal with the technology and earn money with it. In its official announcement, the stock exchange has announced that it has already registered its intention with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The CEO of Reality Shares, Eric Ervin, also believes in the index’s success. They have teamed up with Nasdaq to identify the companies that are using their resources to develop blockchain applications.

“Reality Shares has recognized the enormous growth potential of blockchain technology and has joined forces with Nasdaq. We want to identify the companies that we believe will become global leaders in new technologies and blockchain applications”.

From New York back to Walldorf
Similarly, bridges are being built in this country. While the SAP Chairman is officially calling for more digitization, his company says its blockchain initiative has swollen to 27 customers and partners with an estimated market volume of $819 billion.

The aim of this initiative is to integrate the digital transaction register into solutions for the Internet of Things, manufacturing and the digital supply chain using the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service. This announcement was made at the SAP TechEd technology conference held in Barcelona from November 14-16.

SAP will also join the Alastria Consortium to expand the deployment of Blockchain to customers in different industries and countries. In addition, they cooperate with telecommunications providers and energy companies, as well as universities and smart city organizations. Finally, they become members of the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance, a forum for Blockchain standards in the truck industry. Transportation is also provided.

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